Hello, I'm Monty Dawson! i've been playing and singing since i was a young child. My love for music began with my dad - he also was a guitar picker and i wanted to be just like him! He taught me everything he knew about playing the guitar, and I was hooked!  But, not long after, my dad died of cancer and I was lost.

    Around the age of 14, I started writing a song for my dad. I didn't have the words to finish it for some years later - that song has touched many people - bringing them to tears. The song is simply titled "Daddy", it's me telling my daddy how life has gone on without him and how I will always keep his memory alive by playing my guitar just like he used to!

I am blessed to have been able to work with some of my heroes like The Great Marty Haggard, Johnny Lee, Jamie Richards, Mike McClure, John Conlee, Carl Acuff, Jenny Kendall, Jimmy Whitaker, Phill Hamilton, Matt Hillyer, Cody Canada, Johnny Cooper, Miles Williams and many more Texas Artists, To me i am very blessed.